September 27, 2022


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Ask Amy: Can I Change My Variation to Showcase My Stronger

I’ve often felt far more at ease executing every thing on my left facet. I’m anxious because all classical variants are performed on the right aspect, and I’m pondering if I should just ditch working towards issues on my still left and do the job overtime on my appropriate? My dance coach claims I should just conduct versions on my remaining facet, but I’m skeptical. Help! —Anonymous

We all have a superior side—I could generally change much better to the ideal and had a larger arabesque on that facet, as well. Most persons tend to focus more on their stronger aspect, so I admire your dedication to deal with your weaker (right) side head-on!

Your mentor has a point, while. Most classical variants are solos, which offers you some wiggle space to make changes and showcase your strengths. Other than, there are a lot of famous “lefties” (Daniil Simkin, anyone?) who perform mainly on that facet. If you are getting ready a variation for a competitors or an upcoming effectiveness, you need to spotlight your far better aspect. The audience probably won’t know the variance, and levels of competition judges will understand—in simple fact, they may even respect that you are getting thoughtful about presenting your self at your best. Remaining a lefty may possibly even make you stand out to a jury, because it is considerably less common.

In which you might get into hassle, however, is in team function. Dancers are hardly ever requested to switch to the left in the corps de ballet, for occasion, because most men and women transform greater to the appropriate. And some choreographers and stagers may item to creating variations to copyrighted work (like George Balanchine’s). So though it’s vital to keep your dominant facet strong—I certainly wouldn’t “ditch” practicing to the left—you need to also carry on to function diligently on your weaker suitable aspect. Versatility will only assist you in your dance vocation.

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