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Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

Remarkable Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

For our penultimate week, we head to Jeju Island for a get the job done journey. And even though each individual of our people have extracurricular strategies for the excursion, daily life also has its own designs for them.


Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

Alright, in what was meant to be an enjoyable and fun-stuffed trip, I did not love a one instant of it. I was on edge the total time waiting around for the other shoe to fall, and when it did… oh Lord! But initially, the situation of the 7 days. Our plaintiff is an elderly male who was compelled to pay an admission rate for driving on the street primary to a temple exactly where a cultural heritage web page is situated. It is a reputable rate which is meant to be paid out on viewing the web-site, but he was charged for just plying the street. Though he appreciates the expense of a lawsuit is way much more than the 3000 won admission fee, he’s however keen to sue mainly because of the unfairness of it all.

The temple is found on Jeju Island, and Young-woo is the to start with to suggest her desire in the situation because she wishes to see her most loved released dolphins on the excursion. The other people are taken aback by the unexpected want to journey, but Myeong-seok — who went for a checkup just after coughing up blood previous week — is keen to vacation far too. We never know his analysis nevertheless, but the entire detail is previously worrisome. A different point to stress about is Younger-woo’s possible “meet the in-laws” with Jun-ho’s sister who also life on Jeju.

Not wanting to be remaining driving, Geu-ra-mi and her manager Min-shik a.k.a. Bushy Manager, join the Hanbada squad, and off they fly to Jeju. Though Myeong-seok appears genuinely psyched on the journey, as they acquire in the sights, he has a transient instant of silent tears. Ah! And to make matters worse, a noodle cafe he experienced been looking forward to traveling to has closed down. This full point is giving bucket checklist feels, and I really do not like it.

Back again to our scenario, just after the decide adjourns the 1st listening to, the abbot invites the Hanbada squad to go to the temple wherever they bow a whopping 158 occasions! And as they keep on their tour with shaky legs, the abbot gives them an analogy saying what they see is not almost everything, and they need to appear at things past the floor amount.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

Fairly than waste these kinds of a treasured holiday vacation prospect on work, Myeong-seok declares a get the job done-cost-free night for the attorneys and sends Min-woo and Su-yeon to invest in beverages. On this errand, we learn that Min-woo (who has been incredibly cooperative on the excursion) is the breadwinner of his spouse and children many thanks to his parents’ wellbeing condition, but I’m scared this doesn’t give him a move for currently being this sort of a competitive jerk. We also get the makings of a brewing romance amongst him and Su-yeon. All right, Show, what are you doing?

Back again at the guesthouse, we also discover that Myeong-seok is divorced, and it’s all since he was more attentive to his do the job than to his ex-spouse (cameo by Lee Yoon-ji, whom I’ve missed in dramaland). Coincidentally, Myeong-seok’s honeymoon was also on Jeju, and this vacation delivers back all the recollections. Younger-woo notices a few of Myeong-seok’s withdrawn times, but most of her focus is on observing the dolphins and assembly Jun-ho’s sister.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

Regretably, the dolphins do not seem when Young-woo goes to see them, and the visit to Jun-ho’s sister is a mini catastrophe. Bless Geu-ra-mi’s heart and all, but at this point, Younger-woo must end having her advice. Not that it would have built a difference anyway, since it is not Young-woo’s Geu-ra-mi-motivated actions that are the issue for Jun-ho’s sister, but the point that Young-woo is autistic. Jun-ho and his sister have an argument when she claims he should not introduce Youthful-woo to their mom and dad, and Younger-woo overhears the entire dialogue. Sigh.

Things occur to a head when Myeong-seok collapses at the second hearing and has to be rushed to the healthcare facility. Oh no! There, we learn he has phase 3 tummy cancer and is scheduled for operation on his return to Seoul. It is a little bit of a relief that he’s not dying (suitable, Clearly show?) or something, but belly cancer? Critically? The relaxation of the squad assure Myeong-seok that he’ll be fantastic except Youthful-woo, who desires Myeong-seok to eat at the noodle cafe of his dreams prior to he dies. Lol.

Ignoring Myeong-seok’s words and phrases to not hassle about it, Young-woo mobilizes the relaxation of the squad on a manhunt for the restaurant’s owner. They soon locate out that he went out of business enterprise right after a rival cafe poached his chef, took his recipe and improved their name to sound similar to his. They handle to trace his mom to a nursing dwelling, but unfortunately he only visits when a month and has ticked off this month’s go to.

Young-woo visits Myeong-seok in the hospital in lookup of a justification that will aid them earn the situation, and she fulfills his ex-wife who also came to go to. The ex-spouse excuses them in stress as they go on about the case, and when Youthful-woo exits the home later on, the ex-wife tells her that she was reminded at the time again about why she broke up with Myeong-seok. He was often livelier when talking about function than when he was with her, and it built her feel lonely.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

These terms get to Young-woo, and on a cellular phone phone with her dad, she asks why he would want her to convey Jun-ho house. Dad says he’ll want to know if Jun-ho is somebody who can make her delighted, and she states certainly. The issue is that she does not know if she can make him content. Oof. Youthful-woo breaks up with Jun-ho when they go to see the dolphins once again, and Jun-ho grasps at straws as he tries to occur up with a explanation. He even asks if it’s because they didn’t see the dolphins, and repeats the abbot’s phrases about what they see not becoming anything.

This provides Youthful-woo an perception into a justification for the scenario. The road currently being a public property signifies the plaintiff can not be considered to have visited the cultural heritage web site just mainly because he made use of community residence – and she runs off. An upset Jun-ho calls her out for just leaving devoid of an explanation, but she basically apologizes and leaves. As she walks absent and Jun-ho cries, one particular of the dolphins helps make an visual appearance, but they never see it.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

Thanks to Younger-woo’s justification, Hanbada wins the scenario. But much from a celebratory mood, Jun-ho goes for write-up-separation drinks with Min-woo and Su-yeon, and Younger-woo goes with Geu-ra-mi and Bushy Boss to a karaoke the place she fights again her tears. When both equally events return to the guesthouse for the night time, Su-yeon has experienced it with the unexpected alter in Min-woo and tells him to return to his scheming means. He jokingly asks if she likes him, and both of those of them are stunned when she doesn’t deny it. In the meantime, Geu-ra-mi watches the exchange with a mini broken coronary heart many thanks to her crush on Min-woo. Heh.

With the productive completion of the case, Myeong-seok normally takes his workforce to the temple to say goodbye to the abbot. The admission fee was charged to preserve the temple and the cultural heritage web page, but now that it has been ruled from, Myeong-seok proposes that the abbot will come to an agreement with the govt to make a basis for the temple’s self administration. He succeeds in advertising Hanbada as the authorized staff to associate with the temple in the authorities negotiations, and Youthful-woo finds this proposition truly amazing.

In excess of a noodle food in the temple, Youthful-woo pieces jointly details from their manhunt and the Abbot’s terms, and realizes the noodle restaurant’s proprietor is at the temple. The squad information to the temple’s kitchen area, and Youthful-woo pleads with the operator to prepare dinner for an lawyer who might die of phase 3 belly most cancers. Lol. The downcast operator brightens up true fast when they give him legal advice on how to sue the rival restaurant and guard his intellectual residence. At last, the Hanbada squad gets to try to eat at the noodle restaurant, and Myeong-seok appears like he will die of contentment relatively than tummy most cancers. Awww. Young-woo seriously went all out in looking for the restaurant’s owner for Myeong-seok’s sake, and she still thinks she simply cannot make persons satisfied?

The squad heads again to Seoul the place CEO Tae is on her way to turning into minister of justice. CEO Han, on the other hand, has a sit-down with the reporter on the CEO Tae/Young–woo tale, and confirms the mother-daughter partnership involving them. She tells him to hold off on releasing the posting until proper just before CEO Tae is verified as minister of justice, and promises to get him an interview with Young-woo later on on. And there you have it, individuals, CEO Han officially fielding Young-woo as collateral harm in her war with CEO Tae. Tsk.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

With this, we occur to the conclusion of the most dramatic 7 days so far, in which none of our figures produced it by unscathed. I imply, I did not stick all-around this lengthy just to be strike in the experience by all these last minute K-drama tropes! Ugh! I hope Myeong-seok normally takes a prolonged crack following his operation – not even to reconnect with his ex-spouse since that ship has sailed, but to concentrate on a hobby outdoors of function. Min-woo, on the other hand, should really target on remaining the black sheep of this exhibit, and eliminate any passionate intentions to Su-yeon. Severely, wherever did this one particular even appear from?

As for our whale few, I was hoping we would not go the break up route, but alas! And the worst part is that Jun-ho however has no clue as to why she broke up with him. Why did the Younger-woo who was so concerned about building him really feel lonely in their marriage just leave with no an explanation? I get her fears, but she really should have shared them with Jun-ho for them to speak items by way of. Now they’re both miserable and as anyone who is emotionally invested in them, I’m miserable as well. Sigh! It’s possible the PPL multibalm can smoothen my frown traces and soothe my broken coronary heart as we head into the final week. Remember to give me a satisfactory ending at the very least, Display.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

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