August 15, 2022


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Gulu Gulu Review- Fun in Bits and Pieces! Tamil Movie, Music

Gulu Gulu – Exciting in Bits and Parts

Ashwin Ram&#13


Gulu Gulu is a darkish comedy starring Santhanam in the direct position. The movie is directed by Rathnakumar of Meyaadha Maan and Aadai fame. And the tunes is scored by Santhosh Narayanan.




Santhanam is a journey junkie who was basically born in the tribal local community. He has a point if another person asks him for support, he would even bring the roof down. He is associated in a few incidents that interlinks for a little something massive at the end.


Producing/ Way&#13


Santhanam’s character is quite nicely prepared, even though it’s primarily refined, his backstory and how his all-natural angle is connected in the present is neatly shown. He will get a single routed and believably executed mass scene in the original stage, also cleverly continued without the need of becoming a namesake hero elevation sequence. Even so his flashback narration would’ve been in are living motion rather of currently being in the animated kind, naturally due to regrettable funds constraints. Santhanam has pretty minimum dialogues in the film, it wouldn’t have been an situation if there ended up enough dosage of humour in the film, produced by the other artists. But the absence of comedy is the major cause for the engagement to be on and off. The supporting people are 50 percent-baked and not unforgettable sufficient. The script is in the familiar black comedy zone, subsequent the procedure of what this style ordinarily does. The screenplay is a literal illustration of a mixed bag. Certain sequences seem to be solid in the paper, but not likeable more than enough although translating to the cinematic format. Some normal plot-details are elevated properly on-display by the artist’s performances. In the two the halves, some parts are pretty pleasurable and some are pretty unexciting. There are a bunch of quirky strategies that excite instantly as moments but end up as flat scenes with no introducing worthwhile conditions to emphasize them. But unquestionably no grievances with the climax, the closing fifteen minutes was like 1 roller coaster journey with items coming with each other beautifully and blasting out, had that Sundar. C flavour of finale.




This would’ve most most likely been the toughest film for Santhanam to be a element of, by controlling his mouth to the fullest, even his system language was quite simplistic. But he has accomplished a pretty good position, with a reasonable existence during. Good to see Pradeep Rawat of Ghajini fame right after a lengthy time, he has played the ruthless baddie element properly. There are a great number of other artists who shine at one or two circumstances, but then simply just exist without having carrying out a lot.




This is a mighty movie in terms of quite a few technological features. But music and modifying are not a component of them, middling function by Santhosh Narayanan. Follows his typical template tracks and his background score could have experienced extra selection. The movie could be trimmed by 20 minutes simply, by chopping off a number of unexciting bunches, the attempt to rape angle in the later 50 % is of no use. Also, certain scenes felt like going on for a incredibly long time. Classy digital camera work, stunning frames and wealthy colour tones, the Aadai combo strikes in phrases of providing attractive visuals. Exceptional seem results and mixing, incredibly lively sounding based on the situations and the clarity is terrific as well.




A darkish comedy that had the possible to evolve as an entertaining encounter ended up just as a mediocre outing owing to the uneven screenplay. The freshness in particular ideas is not transformed to its fullest on-display.


Ranking – 2.5/5