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If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2

If You Desire On Me: Episodes 1-2

Ji Chang-wook is back in a beautiful therapeutic drama from KBS about a shed ex-convict who joins a staff of hospice staff that grants last wishes to dying sufferers. I enjoy a excellent therapeutic drama, and the premiere 7 days gave me just what I was hoping for. It’s obtained a heat, slice-of-lifetime vibe and a robust solid of people at its core. I’m already hunting ahead to the discovered family members bonding and touching human stories in the coming weeks.


If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2

Specified Ji Chang-wook’s current drama history, I was a very little trepidatious for this premiere even with loving the premise. Fortunately, this a person is shaping up to be a keeper. Therapeutic dramas are terrific when accomplished properly, and I believe a whole lot relies upon on the vibe and not overdoing the sentimentally. If You Want On Me gave me the correct quantity of likable and empathetic characters, human tales, and heat. It made me want to seize a cup of tea and stare at the sunset.

We’re first introduced to YOON GYEO-RE (Ji Chang-wook) as he’s introduced from prison. He’s bought tats and scars and his eyes notify you he’s found items. In spite of his hard exterior, it promptly gets noticeable that he’s a softie beneath.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2

Lifestyle has hardened Gyeo-re and taught him to count on no one but himself. Gyeo-re ran away from his abusive father as a boy or girl and took himself to an orphanage where he put in the remainder of his childhood. He will come throughout as a loner, but he does have at the very least a single trusted good friend from the orphanage, veterinarian JIN-GU (Park Se-joon).

But Gyeo-re’s accurate bestie is his little doggy Son who he rescued and is now sadly terminally ill. Sure, Gyeo-re named his canine “son,” and it is adorable. When Gyeo-re pretends to care about nothing at all, he dotes endlessly on his doggy, carrying him with him almost everywhere and belting his small provider into the car seat.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2

Next up is Workforce Genie, our group of devoted hospice workers and volunteers who operate to grant ultimate wishes to dying patients. Possibly the most central member is volunteer KANG TAE-SHIK (Sung Dong-il) who now lives at Woori Hospice Treatment but utilised to are living on the streets. He seems to be the ringleader here, although he’s not even workers.

And we just can’t neglect our main lady Web optimization YEON-JU (Sooyoung), a hospice nurse with a appreciate of working out. She’s sincere and straightforward with a temper, but she’s also regarded for becoming fairly oblivious. All people at the hospice is familiar with Medical doctor YANG (Shin Joo-hwan) has a crush on her, but she cluelessly laughs off the strategy.

Not all the personnel are fond of Team Genie, even though. Their commitment to granting patients’ wishes often prospects to the bending of guidelines, putting absolutely everyone in a tricky placement. Health practitioner Yang had been serving to them, but he bows out thanks to the ethical conundrum it places him in.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2

So then, how does our lovable ne’er-do-effectively finish up crossing paths with Staff Genie? Gyeo-re leads to a vehicle crash while hoping to outrun his gangster hyung JANG SEOK-JUN (Nam Tae-hoon). As quickly as Gyeo-re acquired out of prison, they arrived just after him for supposedly thieving cash. Despite the fact that Gyeo-re claims he shipped the dollars as promised, the stacks of funds at his disposal lead me to consider the gangsters on this one particular.

Again to the incident, Gyeo-re’s reckless driving qualified prospects Tae-shik to injure his foot and stops him from driving. Identified to get his individual to his seaside hometown in advance of he passes, Tae-shik coopts Gyeo-re to drive their ambulance. He refuses at initial but then realizes it’ll aid him get away from Seok-jun, so off to the sea they go.

Although Staff Genie fulfills their patient’s would like, Gyeo-re sits by yourself on the seashore. With nowhere to go and no one particular to miss him, Gyeo-re doesn’t see a reason to are living and walks into the ocean with Son. Tae-shik sees and pulls him back again, applying the justification that he really should choose accountability for inuring him in the crash.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2

In the class of all this, Tae-shik realizes he is aware of Gyeo-re. In a flashback, we see Tae-shik being strangled by Gyeo-re’s father. Tae-shik sees little Gyeo-re nearby, intensely bruised and with a obvious burn scar. In existing day, Tae-shik sees that same scar. I’m by now wanting ahead to the bonding among grumpy Gyeo-re, who secretly desires to be liked, and the empathetic Tae-shik.

Tae-shik can take advantage of Gyeo-re’s predicament and convinces the judge to have Gyeo-re total his community assistance hours at Woori Hospice Care. Gyeo-re doesn’t just make a great impression on his initially day with his cavalier frame of mind, his tattoos, and his gangster suit. Oh, and the fact that he virtually bowls about Yeon-ju and one more staff members member with his fancy sports car on his way in.

Bad 1st impressions apart, the team nonetheless deal with him well and consider to include him, but Gyeo-re keeps his length. He’s painfully unused to spouse and children-like settings and will not even join them for supper, which he so plainly is determined to do.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2

The hospice may well have gotten far more than they bargained for with rough-around-the-edges Gyeo-re. He grumbles about every little thing from the uncool automobile he has to travel for Tae-shik to the foodstuff to whatever else annoys him. But his soft location for determined individuals and those in need to have quickly betrays him.

His first mission with Group Genie is to assist a dying elderly gentleman get authorization to commit his last times in his beloved relatives house. The spouse and children at present residing there are about to move due to the fact the spouse shed a great deal of their funds in weak inventory selections, but soon after some convincing, they take Tae-shik up his provide and keep in other places for a 7 days.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2

Gyeo-re attempts to keep up his hard man facade, but can’t end the tears when the aged dying male takes his hand and thanks him for encouraging. He then spends all evening crafting persimmons to cling on the man’s favorite tree outside the house so he can see them in the early morning. Needless to say, Yeon-ju softens towards him right after witnessing this and overhearing that he attempted to dedicate suicide.

Even though Gyeo-re pretends he’s made the decision to keep with the hospice since Son is comfortable there, he’s clearly finding some a great deal wanted heat from Group Genie himself. When he returns to the hospice to get some of the aged man’s matters, he places a mysteriously locked doorway. We close with Tae-shik ominously telling him to stay out of that area.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2

I seriously relished the initially two episodes and favored the harmony amongst the overarching story and the particular person stories of the people getting granted their final would like. Though we have our most important characters, it is extra of an ensemble drama which is good. The cast was a attract for me, and they did not disappoint.

I’m seeking forward to seeing Tae-shik take the endearingly grumpy nonetheless harmless Gyeo-re underneath his wing. I’m curious about Tae-shik’s history with Gyeo-re’s father. Was the father a financial loan shark or enforcer of some variety? Tae-shik’s homeless friends ended up relieved that “someone” hadn’t visited Tae-shik in a although, and I’m guessing that could be Gyeo-re’s father.

Gyeo-re is in desperate require of some bonding, and I cannot wait around for him to grumble his way into this very little hospice family members. He’s evidently a wonderful healthy for Crew Genie, and I do not imagine they’ll allow him remain off to the facet staring longingly at their spouse and children dinners for lengthy.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2
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