September 27, 2022


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In The Westworld Season 4 Finale, Whatever Will Be, Will Be

The finale picks up right where past week left off, with the cities falling into chaos as humans are thrown into a rage because of Hale’s parasites getting induced. Just one of the hosts from time 1 is working close to killing the people and striving to figure out why they turned homicidal, but he appears like he’s getting a pretty excellent time. He satisfies an additional host and starts off bragging about how numerous “flesh baggage” he is murdered when just one of them axes him in the back of the head. There is a sniper up in a window having hosts and humans out with abandon, but then William reveals up and kills him, way too.

There could be some commentary listed here on men and women who long for submit-apocalyptic anarchy, for the doomsday preppers who view “The Walking Dead” with a kind of starvation in their eyes, but it truly is promptly misplaced when William calls the sniper a “f***in camper,” applying gamer language despite currently being a gentleman in his 70s. It truly is form of humorous but also stops any deep views in their tracks, which would seem counterintuitive with a exhibit this anxious with massive tips. 

It turns out that Hale’s not useless, and her creepy white robotic guards resurrect her and rebuild her even more robust than ahead of. She wants to keep her encounter so “they know it was me who killed them” when she hunts down the hosts and human beings gone wild, but it truly is clear she’s not as in control as before. She discovers that she’s locked out of the tower’s manage unit and finds Bernard’s last information, directed to her. “What takes place next?” he asks. 

We soar around to Christina and Teddy, who are authentic but not authentic. Evidently, she’s a software, and the “planet” all over her is a simulation she created for herself when she was producing the narratives of all of the humans in Hale’s managed entire world. She didn’t exist together with them but in a ideal facsimile of their earth, and she figures out that she designed absolutely everyone inside of of her city. On the exterior, Hale commences stomping on the map unit and Christina’s globe begins dissolving. The metropolis shuts off and Hale opens up the floor, eradicating a host brain orb from inside of. That’s Christina, and Hale places her in a backpack and heads out into the city where William is acquiring his human-killing enjoyable.