September 27, 2022


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Is Art Created By Artificial Intelligence As Good As Our Own Art?

Are AI Generated Artworks Are As Good As Editorial Illustrations

When it comes to artwork, it has taken many forms over the various centuries – from rock paintings on cave walls, and hieroglyphs on pyramid walls, to renaissance pictures and modern-day cartoons. Which has led many people to begin wondering: while mankind has had the sum monopoly on creating art, is what artificial intelligence creates digitally less or more worthy than what we ourselves produce?

AI Has No Inherent Creativity

There are plenty of people who are vehemently against calling anything created by AI as artworks since there is no inherent creativity upon which AI draws on. The artworks which these artificial intelligences study and consume are all human-created ones, which plunge into the emotional depth of the human condition and render it in exquisite detail: a hero’s journey of the psyche, filled with archetypes and symbolism that resonates with humanity through the ages. This alone has led to AI creating masterful mimicries, which naturally resonate with mankind since it uses mankind’s images as the basis for its creations.

What AI has decidedly not done is draw upon anything outside these input images and thus its creations are not artworks of its own makings. It does not come up with its own concepts or draw on its own psychological experiences but uses only those which have come before it as its main template, and it is entirely unable to leave encoded biases behind.

AI Learns And Uses Creative Interpretations

On the other hand, there are those who believe that the visual compositions created by artificial intelligence have a distinct flair for altering known images into more creatively interpreted pieces, which takes a certain finesse that takes into account visual metaphors and connections. This is the very basis of what humans do in order to create. They draw upon their own ideas of a unique mimicry of fine art, illustration and photography.

Midjourney AI is a good example of machine learning which constantly evolves the offerings of images that it creates, as is OpenAI’s Dall-E 2. Using only keywords Dall-E 2 is able to create a host of fantastical images based on text prompts. This allows for greater image manipulation and could result in it creating editorial illustrations down the line, which would save marketing teams and designers time and money.

The Current Outcome of AI Artworks vs Humanity’s 

While AI is taking leaps and bounds in everything from online blackjack real money games to creating unique artworks, visuals and consistently learning, it has its flaws. The lack of creative problem-solving available for current types like Dalle-E 2 means AI is not quite at the level required to be able to overcome difficulties. The inability to translate tropes or accurately display the evolution of colloquialisms and language has led to some interesting image compositions which would not work in a formal setting.

When it comes to artworks, it seems as though humanity still has the upper hand for now. This is thanks mainly to our ability to self-correct any potential problems a visual could bring, follow complex language requirements into simplistic but evocative visuals, and the ability to draw upon humanity’s overall journey.