September 27, 2022


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Playfully Surreal Scenarios Emerge from Innumerable Acrylic


#acrylic painting
#Quint Buchholz

August 19, 2022

Grace Ebert

All photos © Quint Buchholz, shared with authorization

When viewing the uncanny scenes of Munich-centered artist Quint Buchholz, it is apparent that enjoy, experimentation, and exploring the uncharted are central tenets of his exercise: a string quintet precariously balances earlier mentioned the sea, sightseers just take edge of the see atop a giant gentleman, and a pigeon doubles as an apartment complicated.

Each individual piece toys with scale and sensibility, and Buchholz enlarges some figures to preposterous sizes whilst positioning other folks in odd, seemingly unattainable conditions. “I get pleasure from the several prospects that emerge when you replicate on the planet and on your possess lifetime and go further than the boundaries of what we think is actual,” he shares. “For me, the notion of participate in, of striving matters out is a central ingredient in art. And playing in this way opens up quite a few unforeseen doors.”

Painted with brushes in a variety of dimensions on paper or cardboard, the grainy texture existing in the is effective evokes pointillism or movie pictures, the latter of which Buchholz states was an early inspiration. The dotted result is also “a way of connecting the pretty relaxed character of my portray strategy with a framework that was even now lively,” he says, noting that the design also “lifts (the people) out of acknowledged truth, possibly into a diverse mode of reflecting and associating.”

The artist will open a solo exhibition at KunstRaum Heilsbronn this October, and he has a quantity of prints accessible by Beuteltier Art Galerie. Find extra of his surreal paintings on Instagram.


#acrylic portray
#Quint Buchholz


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