September 27, 2022


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Premiere Watch: Good Job, Unicorn

Premiere Check out: Fantastic Job, Unicorn

Woo hoo, new dramas! ENA is about to fall their future demonstrate, hot on the heels of Extraordinary Lawyer Woo’s achievement, and Coupang Enjoy offers an office sitcom that appears to be like as vibrant as its identify.


Fantastic Position

Premiere Watch: Good Job, Unicorn

Time slot: Wednesday-Thursday
Broadcaster: ENA
Genre: Rom-com, secret
Episode rely: 16

Reasons to enjoy: So quite a few good reasons to be psyched about this one particular! It’s ENA’s following drop soon after the ginormous good results of Remarkable Attorney Woo, and we’ll get to see if they are as good at choosing assignments as we might hope (or did they just get blessed with Woo?). But community apart, the genuine explanation to watch is: a secret rom-com entire of hijinks starring my beloved Jung Il-woo and Yuri. And not only does it star them the two, but their chemistry is demonstrated in their prior undertaking alongside one another — Bossam: Steal the Destiny. To be truthful, all they seriously needed to say was “Jung Il-woo” for me to be intrigued, but I’m really really energized for this goofy-searching detective story, with a warm romance and superpowers thrown in. ‘Cause why not.

TLDR: Jung Il-woo, Jung Il-woo + Yuri Bossam reunion, Jung Il-woo, pleasurable hijinks, glasses trend, and also Jung Il-woo



Premiere Watch: Good Job, Unicorn

Time slot: Fridays
Broadcaster: Coupang Enjoy
Genre: Sitcom
Episode count: 12

Reasons to look at: Shin Ha-kyun’s drama choices garner attention for a purpose, so it’ll be fascinating to see how Unicorn turns out — not only becoming on a lesser OTT services, but also remaining a sitcom. Now, sitcoms are 100% Not My Point, but even I will confess this drama has a lot going for it, from the cast (which also features Won Jin-ah, Lee Yoo-jin, Kim Youthful-ah, and additional) to the PD of Be Melodramtic to Yoo Byung-jae currently being our script author. The promo products have also been pitch-flawlessly cringey, so I’m hoping they go all-in with their satire in this article.

TLDR: Wonderful solid, humorous premise, the exceptional unicorn that is a primetime sitcom

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