September 27, 2022


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Griffith Littlehale

Psychology Major Griffith Littlehale Moonlights as Graphic Artist

TOLEDO, OH / ACCESSWIRE / MARCH 12, 2022 / Griffith Littlehale is on his way to becoming a psychologist, but that doesn’t prevent his passion for art from having a voice. When he isn’t excelling in his next pursuit, Griffith Littlehale may very well be involved in his work as a graphic artist.

Griffith Littlehale is No Stranger to Success

It hasn’t taken long for Griffith Littlehale to have experienced the kind of success it takes many people years to reach. Even during his pre-college years, Griffith Littlehale excelled in every step of his high school journey.

In the Classroom

Academically, Griffith Littlehale attended one of the leading secondary school systems in the Midwest. Furthermore, Griffith Littlehale not only attended a highly-touted high school but also finished his education in the top 10 of his class (number 8 to be precise).

His intellectual abilities and work ethic also positioned him well for post-secondary endeavors, evidenced by his scholarship offers. After choosing a school, and eventually a major, it will only be a matter of time before Littlehale will be a practicing psychologist.

In the Pool

Success for Griffith Littlehale hasn’t only come in the classroom, and grades aren’t the only place where he made waves. During his senior year of high school, he earned All American honors as a swimmer. This considerable honor was also, no doubt, beneficial in drawing more scholarship offers.

Those who know Griffith Littlehale, however, know that success in his studies, and extracurricular activities, doesn’t rival his love for art. When he isn’t winning swim meets, acing tests, studying, or serving at a local homeless shelter, don’t be surprised to find him wrapped up in his latest graphic design project.

Griffith Littlehale is an Artist at Heart

If someone were to ask Griffith Littlehale what he had expertise in, he would certainly mention “graphic design” and “writing” among his skills. Given his sharp intellect, love of psychology, and passion for art, working as a graphic design artist was almost inevitable.

That’s right, in addition to everything else he is involved with, he also does commission work as a graphic artist. For Griffith Littlehale, it is working with art that is his labor of love, while he can expect a vocation in psychology to pay the bills.

If there is one thing Griffith Littlehale can teach us, it’s that there are enough hours in the day. Perhaps we can’t all expect to be so gifted and so diverse. What we can do though is what Griffith Littlehale has done, and always make time for the things we are passionate about in life.

Griffith Littlehale, psychology major by day, winner at life, and graphic artist designer by night – and only time will tell what’s next. One thing is for sure, with Littlehale, it will be successful.