August 14, 2022


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Should Christians Listen to Secular Music?

Totally they should. I suspect some of you, to that respond to, may well be considering or expressing out loud right now: “Isn’t that obvious?” Very well, a single would assume. Having said that, if you, like I, grew up in the Christian fundamentalist/evangelical entire world of the 70s and 80s, then it wasn’t so noticeable an solution to that dilemma.

Sadly, for the young ones who grew up in individuals many years (and others—but I’m focusing on my own time-body) they ended up instructed quite usually they shouldn’t pay attention to secular songs. This was specially real if that tunes was rock-and-roll, difficult rock/steel, and even some things of rhythm and blues/pop/disco.

This was a time when we were being instructed about the “devil’s” music. We ended up explained to urban myths about tribes in Africa, when listening to the drum beats of Western rock-and-roll, supposedly informed missionaries from The united states that people beats and time signatures had been used in their lifestyle to summon demons. Positive. Ideal. Or, let us just out ourselves as racists who use to simply call rock-and-roll “race” tunes. It was often proper there, under the surface area: “This is black tunes and it is infecting the white race, specially among our youth!”

I missed considerably of that underlying concept when I was youthful. What I generally picked up on was the fear certain up in the response. It seemed a lot more like the fear of independence, the movement of the system, and the way specific types of tunes could make us really feel.

A great deal of that has transformed now. Just search at the takeover of evangelical worship services by the incredibly audio that was demonized in a lot of of those traditions, only decades back. It would seem the “devil’s music” has received the day. Of system, that would only be correct if there have been such a matter as the devil’s “music,” but there is not.

Christians consider that God designed the substance/actual physical world and that people were established in God’s pretty graphic. These kinds of would talk the clear: God is innovative/inventive. God is an artist, a poet, a musician, a author, even potentially an actor (see Luke 24:28). God is the artist. All human innovative acts spring from our becoming created in God’s impression. Music is vibration and vibration is designed into generation. It all springs from God. Why would a Christian give any portion of generation back to the devil or attribute sections of development as currently being owned by the devil?

Can inventive functions/operates which includes tunes be utilised for ugly or non-loving functions? Of class, but that doesn’t make it the “devil’s audio.” It just reveals the coronary heart and intellect of the individual creator. Any excellent gift can be utilised for terrible reasons. That doesn’t reflect upon the gift but on the one particular working with it.

There is no these types of matter as “secular” new music. There is only music. There is tunes of numerous types and genres, with a lot of forms of instruments utilised, and representing a lot of kinds of themes and pursuits. It is nonetheless just tunes. Subjectively, there is undesirable and good audio. There is music regarded as time-much less and typical. There is songs viewed as trite and forgettable. It is nonetheless just songs.

Christians should really be open to all kinds of audio (and all innovative endeavors), in particular those considered the very best examples of whichever the genre/sort might be. We should try to avail ourselves of, and to endorse, those people examples of songs/musicians (irrespective the genre) that are commonly acknowledged for their excellence and skill. Why? Simply because all these operates are a tribute to our becoming produced in God’s picture, the top artist and creator.

This sort of operates also want to be appreciated for their sake by yourself and the creator/musician/singer as perfectly for utilizing their items in a favourable way—a way that adds to, or enhances, an currently lovely planet.

To declare that Christians shouldn’t listen to “secular” new music would be like saying that Christians should not respect or scent the flowers developed by non-Christians. Or, that Christians should not have or enjoy a painting made by a non-Christian. There are no “secular” flowers or paintings. There are only bouquets and there are only paintings.

Just having the term “God” or “Jesus” or “Spirit” in a music does not make it good or even a religious or Christian song. It is however just a tune about anything, in this scenario “God.” And the tunes it could possibly be put to is not “Christian” or “religious.” Once again, there is no this kind of matter.

There are genres of audio like classical, gospel, jazz, rock-and-roll, blues, region, bluegrass, and a lot of some others. Musically, none of individuals are particularly “Christian” or “religious.” Even the classification of gospel or modern day Christian only talk to their information and audience—the music conveying the articles to that viewers is still just tunes—the arrangement of sounds/vibrations. The tunes by itself transcends the articles and viewers and belongs to everybody.

Christians believe that that all reality is God’s truth of the matter, regardless of the place it arrives from. The best tunes, the greatest operates of art, of artistic operates in typical, normally converse or channel some further real truth. Why would any Christian price cut or not avail by themselves of 1 of all those channels of feasible truth of the matter?

The respond to is: They shouldn’t. So, sure, Christians should really hear to all styles of tunes, even if the written content isn’t precisely spiritual/Christian, and enjoy this kind of as God’s great reward.

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